Yes, I’m affiliated to apdo-uk (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers). Being part of a professional organisation allows me to stay in touch with fellow Professional Organisers and take part in national conventions, business workshops and training sessions. It also gives you peace of mind that I take my responsibilities seriously and abide by apdo-uk’s  code of conduct and expectations.

I’m based in North West London, but I’m happy to drive in and around London. Travel time of up to 1 hour (round trip) is free of charge.  For longer trips, I’ll need to make a charge for time spent commuting and petrol. Parking fees may also apply depending on the different options for parking available in your area.

I am here to help you, without making any judgement. My service is also totally confidential. I may ask if I can take before and after photos, but will ask for your consent before using them in marketing material. 

1/ The initial consultation

I will come to your home for an initial consultation which lasts around 45 minutes. During this consultation, I will listen to you so I can better understand what you would like to achieve at the end of the process.

I usually do a tour of the rooms you would like to declutter and re-organise, in order to assess the work to be done as each project is unique. During this consultation, I will also explain in detail how the decluttering sessions work.

2/ The decluttering / organisation sessions

I will come to your place and assist you throughout the entire decluttering / organising process.

The key to success is to work from area to area. The first thing to do is to sort out everything you have in each zone you want to tackle: we will completely empty the area and you will have to make a decision on each item (to keep, to donate, to sell, to throw away). If necessary, I can help you make a decision by asking you some questions regarding the usage of this item or your emotional attachment to it. And of course if you're hesitating on an item there's no obligation to make a decision on the day. A few items can be stored away for some time and re-evaluated later. 

After the sorting, we will assess what kind of storage solution you could benefit from that would organise your things neatly and in a way it would be easy for you or anyone else to retrieve what you were looking for. I'm a big fan of IKEA's storage solution: their clear boxes (SAMLA) make an ideal home for things otherwise hidden in a wardrobe, cupboard or stored in the garages or lofts...and they're really cheap!

I will help you at each step of the way: emptying each area, piling up your stuff, putting your things in different boxes or rubbish bags...

For a hassle-free end to the session, I also offer to take your unwanted stuff with me. I can dispose of your unwanted items at a recycling center or a local charity shop.

Re-using unwanted belongings is a really important aspect of my job.  Giving your unwanted goods to a charity shop means someone can buy them for a modest price, it brings an income to the charity, and last but not least…it gives you more room in your own space. Brilliant!

Working with a Professional Organiser helps you to remain focused on the decluttering task. As a professional I’m happy to share my experience and my tips with you to make sure your new way of living and storing your belongings continues to work over time.

It’s really up to you.  The most common areas I work on are entrances, kitchens, utility rooms, kids’ rooms, garages or attics.  I am also happy to work on the whole house. Sometimes, I start working on one room and the client is so pleased and amazed with the achieved result that we make another appointment to tackle other spaces too.

It depends on the number of rooms you would like to work on and your available time. It is almost impossible to estimate how long a project will take at the beginning of the process, but I’ll be able to tell you more accurately once a few hours have been spent on the project.

Again, it depends on your goals and your schedule. I usually do sessions of three or four hours. It could be less or it could be more. Decluttering can be emotionally and physically tiring so it can sometimes be difficult to work for the whole day. But each client is different so we will decide together what works best for you.

I always work hand in hand with clients as you’re the only person to decide what to do with each item. Setting up an organisation system with you will help you keep the system going after the decluttering work is done.

As it is almost impossible to estimate the necessary number of hours upfront, I invoice each project on an hourly basis. Here are the fees charged by IDea for your space:

  • Initial consultation: £35 
  • Hourly fees for decluttering, re-organisation: £40 per hour. Evenings (after 6pm), weekends and Bank Holidays hours are charged at an additional £15 per hour above the standard rate.
  • Fees for buying storage solutions or any other item for you: £35 per hour ; the items bought for you will be invoiced at the buying cost (shop receipts provided).
  • Fees for removing your unwanted belongings out of your home: 1 free drop of per project.

I am happy to cap the number of hours I work for you beforehand, so we ensure I stick to your budget.