A small laundry room fitted under the staircase in this house has become the place a family of five chucks their shoes every day. The challenge was to find a clever storage solution that would fit a small space but that at the same time would allow the family to store lots of pairs of shoes (including huge size 12 training shoes!!) and the last but not least requirement: to do this whole makeover on a budget…. IKEA has again been the solution with HYLLIS shelving units (£9) and 8 SAMLA transparent boxes (£2.50 each). We also found an extra rack in another room which was unused. There was also extra storage space in the cupboard they stored the laundry supplies in. Lastly, we saw this makeover as an opportunity to containerise the laundry products in order to have them neatly organised in the cupboard.  

There is no longer any excuse to throw away the family shoes!