Decluttering is about imposing order, freeing up space and clearing your home of possessions that don’t enrich your life.
Flick through the pages of home design magazines, and you’re lost in a world of perfect properties: bright, well decorated, spacious – with nothing cluttering up the space. Everything seems under control, organised and calming. 
Back in the real world, you take a look at your own place and the picture will probably be slightly different:

  • Shoes are strewn all over the hallway
  • Magazines and newspapers are piling up on the living room floor
  • The kitchen surfaces are completely covered with all the things you cannot find a proper home for
  • The kids’ rooms are full to bursting with toys, books, stuffed furry friends… they have hardly enough space to play in their room so they’ve messed up the rest of the house too!
  • In your bedroom - your wardrobe, drawers and cupboards are so crammed that you’re ashamed every time you open them… (It’s not just you - we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time…)

Sounds familiar? Don’t feel guilty, and don’t be too harsh on yourself…you’re certainly not alone.
Yours is a real life home so it’s normal that your house doesn’t exactly reflect what you see in a home design magazine.

I can help you reduce the amount of possessions you have, take the clutter away for good and set up effective storage solutions.


I can give you A DOSE of ZEN

My IDea is to bring “A DOSE of ZEN” in to your life.  How? By following the simple system below…

A. Assess the situation (what is the problem, what is its cause, what are your feelings about it…)

D. Declutter (what to keep, what to let go of)
O. Organise (think about the most effective storage solutions which will work for you)
S. Systemise (to facilitate the clutter-free process on a long term basis)
E. Enhance your home (now is a good time to re-think your space, and plan some changes)
Z. Zap the clutter  - Give your unwanted belongings to a charity shop, friends or family member – you will free up so much space!
E. Enjoy your clutter-free life
N. Nest happily in your newly organised space

Sounds good doesn’t it? Would you like to know the top triggers for decluttering?


Many life events can be a trigger to declutter – from simple things like having guests to stay for a few days to watching well known TV programmes about hoarding. Whatever shakes up your way of thinking is a force for good….


 Are you about to move home?

Why pay to move your old clutter to your new home? It will cost you more money for extra boxes and will fill your new space with items you may never use again. Your move is a great opportunity to start again in your new environment…Come on – make a fresh start! 


 Are you downsizing?

I can help you clear out your clutter and concentrate on what you really need.


 Are you refurbishing / revamping your home?

In order to refurbish/revamp your home, you will need to pack up your belongings.  Think how wonderful it will feel to enjoy your new space clutter free.  


 Are you expecting a new addition to your family?

You’re expecting a baby, how exciting! It’s a joyful time. Such tiny things need a surprising amount of paraphernalia and you’ll need space for this little one. Why not use your neglected spare room to organise a nursery instead of thinking about moving to a bigger place?


 Are you in the process of separating from your partner or husband/wife?

A change in your circumstances might mean you need to divide up joint possessions. This can be tough -   many of these items relate to your past relationship. But you need to move forward to start a new episode of your life. For some of us, that new start begins with sorting through all these possessions…


 Are you recently bereaved?

After the loss of a loved one, emotions are so strong that it is particularly difficult to go through his/her possessions and make choices about what to keep and what to let go of. Shared memories can prevent you moving forward. Try to think what your loved one would have done with all his/her things. Go at your own pace. Give yourself permission to let go of these things by keeping in mind that they can be useful for someone else.….If you need a hand to hold through these hard times, give me a call.


 Are you about to start a home-based business?

Most of the time, creating a home-based business corresponds to a new period of your life, a fresh start. To focus on your new job and to make it successful, you need to have calm and clear working environment clear of any clutter. You also need to think about the space you will require for your work as well as the space you will need to keep paperwork, files, records...  Thinking about decluttering and organising in advance will give you a head start so that you can focus your energy on your business.


 Are you selling your home?

When you’re in the process of selling your home, you have to make it look as attractive as possible.  This means your house has to look cleaner, bigger, brighter - a place where buyers will feel immediately comfortable.
Most home purchases are a case of love at first sight. Make yours the one buyers choose by applying some simple rules:

  • Declutter
  • Pack up some boxes
  • Store them away to make your home appear bigger
  • Re-organise the space
  • Depersonalise the rooms (the potential buyer needs to project himself in your place)

I can help you showcase your home to sell it as quickly as possible and at the best price! 


 Are you keen to save money?

House prices are on the move again.  According to a recent study by Nationwide, the average house price in the UK is up by 9.2%, an increase mainly driven by an annual price growth of 14.9% in London.

When clutter takes up space in your home (sometimes entire rooms are full of things we don’t really need), you have to think about the amount of money all this stuff that you’re keeping represents in terms of the price of a square metre…. What’s more, clutter acts as a magnet and attracts even more clutter… After having decluttered your space, you’ll be able to enjoy the reclaimed parts of your home and relax more easily in a freed up space.