“It’s hard to be clear about who you are when you are carrying around a bunch of baggage from the past. I’ve learned to let go and move more quickly into the next place.”

– Angelina Jolie

What is the Move-out/ Move-in service and why do it?

This comprehensive service comprises four different options that can be either combined or chosen independently, depending on your needs.

Move-out/ Move-in: when and where?

What is the process? 

This is the perfect time to start building your new peaceful and organised life! 

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L.’s Story

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After having lived for some years in a tiny one-bedroom flat, L. decided it was time to move into a bigger place where she could start living the life she had always dreamed of. Life in her current flat had become quite complicated. The Lilliputian kitchen was totally unfit for the preparation of the gourmet dishes she excels at. The sitting space was too small to entertain groups of friends. Her lovely clothes were crammed up in various spots and most of them were out of reach. On top of that, as a busy solopreneur L. could not work from home efficiently – her work resources and equipment were scattered randomly in inadequate storage units. It was time for a change! She found an ideal new home but felt totally overwhelmed by the whole moving process. L. could not figure out where to place the furniture she already had, or what additional furniture she needed to buy (in terms of size, style, shape, storage solutions).

Our first appointment took place in her tiny one-bedroom flat, prior to her move. I listed precisely all her furniture and surveyed what was stored in the various built-in storage units, as those items would need to be allocated a proper place in her new home. We then headed to the prospective property (still occupied by its current tenants) to take the measurements of each room and to check the different built-in storage units. I then worked remotely, helping L. to get the suited new furniture (for the bedroom, the sitting room, the dressing room, and her home office). On the move-in day, I set up the open wardrobe in the dressing room and arranged it according to the type of clothes I was unpacking from the boxes. I helped her to set up a neat and functional storage system in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the sitting room. Once everything had been unpacked, we ordered a few more items (such as an extra shelving unit to fit under the staircase and some drawer dividers). I supported L. in her decision to let go of a few sentimental items she had not managed to part with until then. 

The move-in was quite an emotional process for L. I worked by her side and supported her every step of the way – she found my ongoing support extremely helpful. She was immensely relieved to have finally overcome the difficulties of this move that represented a major step for her. When we compared the end result with the pictures I had taken on the day we first visited the house, she could not believe how much the place had changed. It had only taken us a few days to metamorphose her new place into the lovely home she had wished for and that resembled her.

Meeting Isabelle literally changed my life! Not only was she a godsend when it came to co-ordinating my flat move, but her kindness and support throughout the whole process meant so much; she helped me organise the move, unpack and get settled, but also helped me get rid of lots of things which I no longer needed, some of which held sentimental value and weren’t easy to let go of. I will never move again without her on board!