Clients' experience - decluttering & organising services

Isabelle est une coach incroyable, elle est très encourageante et participe volontiers aux tris et rangements. Grâce à elle, c'est un nouveau départ pour toute la famille et ranger et presque devenu un plaisir. Un immense merci Isabelle pour votre aide si précieuse ! 

De Margaux, London SW11

Isabelle est venue chez moi pour faire un audit de notre installation. En effet, l'appartement dans lequel nous vivons est certes grand mais il faut un peu d'imagination pour faire tenir confortablement une famille de 5 dans un "2 bedroom flat"! Avec Isabelle, nous avons inspecté chaque pièce, chaque placard, chaque recoin de l'appartement. Notre discussion sympathique et informelle m'a beaucoup aidée à me rendre compte de ce dont j'avais besoin, de ce dont j'avais envie et comment je pouvais le mettre en place plus vite que je ne l'imaginais. C'est très émotionnel une maison. C'est vraiment fantastique de bénéficier des conseils de quelqu'un avec un oeil neuf, professionnel, plein de bonnes idées astucieuses qui nous donne la motivation d'enfin accomplir les rangements dont on a besoin depuis si longtemps !

De Louise, London SW1

I am, by nature, a very organized person. However, when my fiancé and I moved to a tiny 2 bedroom flat in London from a huge 3 bedroom home in Mozambique, I was overwhelmed with how to get started in creating a new "home" for us. I felt like I could not move on with any other aspects of my new life in London with our apartment in such disarray- it was constantly hanging over my head. I didn't know where to begin in putting our stuff and furniture from our travels and life around the world in such a small space. That's when I came across Isabelle's website. From my impression of her website, it seemed that her style, way of working and taste was aligned with what I was looking for. The first time I met her and had our initial consultation, she was exactly the image I had in my mind of what she would be like and I knew she was the right person to help me through the process of creating our home.  

It was so easy (and enjoyable) working with Isabelle. She was very responsive, eager to include my opinions throughout the process, easy to be around, had great IDeas of how to make the most of our space, and has a good eye for decoration. She went out of her way multiple times to help me not only organize our flat but also style it with great decor. My boyfriend (who was a little skeptical of my need to have an organized flat) later commented to me that he never realized how much of a difference his home environment could make. We now love spending time in our flat, are happy to host visitors and both feel it was worth the time and money for Isabelle's services. We cannot believe the difference she made!  

By Jem, London N5

Dear Isabelle, It has been a real pleasure spending time with you in my house. You have made the cleaning up process fun and enjoyable! I appreciate all the advice you have given me and I look forward to have an organized home forever

Thank you!

By A., North London

I have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle for all your decluttering jobs for as soon as I met her, I knew she was the right person for me.  
She offers practical, sensible guidance and encouragement and fully understands the emotional attachments people have with their possessions.
My attic needed serious, urgent, attention and by the time we finished, she had transformed it into a fully functional, organised space. Brilliant! Thank you Isabelle!

By Linzi, North London

I booked Isabelle’s services after our move to London. Arriving from a large and modern house in an Asian country we had to settle in a tiny Victorian style house in London… and even after we had been living there for a few weeks, the house still didn’t feel like a home. We encountered several issues: some boxes were still waiting to be unpacked and random assortments of things I didn’t know where to put began piling up in several rooms, but the worst thing for me was the “coldness” of the house. When Isabelle arrived we began by finishing unpacking the remaining boxes. Isabelle immediately suggested clever storage solutions to me for the extra things that had started to clutter up our house. She also gave me some addresses for places that would take or recycle the things I wanted to give away.
But most importantly for me was the advice about decorating she gave me. She instantaneously understood what I wanted in terms of ambiance (by finding the right colours and designs that would match our furniture), budget and feasibility (we rent our house) and suggested great ideas to help personalise and make our new home feel more inviting. We went shopping together to find a few decoration items which would light up our interior. She took me to great shops and our shopping tour was very productive. She also helped me to customize our chairs and dining table as I had postponed the purchase of a new dining set. Isabelle was an invaluable resource for us– not only in thinking things through and solving problems, but also in rolling her sleeves up and going through boxes, moving furniture around, and putting everything back together. Part organiser, part decorator, part tireless worker, Isabelle is really an amazing resource!

By Marie, London SW1

Thank you, Isabelle, so much for organising my kitchen and making it a place to enjoy whilst carrying out all my hard work - my clear worktops look amazing! You have been so helpful and motivating and made my decluttering surprisingly easy! Why I procrastinated over this I do not know - but now you have motivated me to tackle the rest of my house, with your help of course!
I can see you solving so many more of my problems and you do it so simply too, what a gift! I would highly remommend you for solving space & storage problems.

By Jill, NW6

Isabelle, thank you so much for your help last Tuesday - my husband was indeed very impressed!! He was astonished at how much stuff (aka junk in his mind) we were able to sort though in our bedroom and get rid of and he was delighted to be able to see the chair again as well!!
A very productive day indeed! I wouldn't have been able to do it on my own, as it was so overwhelming! Your critical and professional eye and ability to cut through the clutter really worked wonders (and may save my marriage as well)!! Mille merci!!

By Bonnie