“Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.”

– Ron Kaufman

Isabelle is absolutely wonderful and I warmly recommend her to anyone who wants a well-organised, clutter-free and efficient household. She has helped my family and I through two moves, one within London and one internationally to Italy. The systems she has put in place for us are still working years later and when I am trying to tidy up or organise I still think, what would Isabelle do? She is wonderful to work with as she is so kind and unflappable and I knew I had met a friend.
Thank you Isabelle!
By A.M., September 20, Italy

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Isabelle when I did. I had a complicated move where my family was downsizing and couldn’t be around for the physical move. Isabelle came and was able to take complete control of all aspects of the project, from the initial stages of assessing furniture and layouts, pairing down and organising my belongings with me, to overseeing the actual move and buying and spec’ing IKEA closet systems and finally, completely organising my new house from top to bottom. Isabelle even went above and beyond and offered to help sell things and bring things to recycling and donation centres for me. Isabelle is a clear communicator and understands how emotionally difficult it is for some people to get rid of clutter. She is calm and understanding and willing to do anything to make the process go as smoothly and easily as possible for her clients. I am very thankful for Isabelle’s help and happy to recommend her to anyone looking for help in organising their lives.

By Jane, July 21, London NW8

Isabelle has been an outstanding help over the last year and a half, navigating expertly through many over cluttered and problem areas in my home. She has a perfect combination of great organisational skills, efficiency, discretion, kindness and good humour – a great asset to make light work of daunting tasks in the home! She is also a source of many useful contacts and suggestions and is unfailingly thoughtful and caring in her approach. I am delighted to have found her and 100% recommend!

By Janet, June 21, London NW8

I’ve worked with Isabelle on several occasions and it’s brilliant! She’s obviously very organised and knows how to get her clients organised quickly and efficiently. She has the perfect mix of skills to see the big picture vision and yet she knows exactly what task to start with first. If a job seems overwhelming to me, Isabelle is able to break things down in a way that makes it all seem easy. She’s super fun to work with and you feel great at the end of a session when you see how much you’ve achieved! Highly recommend.

By Jane, November 21, London W2

There is no one better for your organization and moving needs. Isabelle at IDea for Your Space has been a trusted resource of mine for over 3 years. She created an amazing organizational foundation for my home which we now maintain bi-annually – a brilliant system. 5 stars all the way.

By Sara, November 21, London W2

One night, I looked at my bedroom and my over-flowing wardrobe, and I burst into tears because it gave me such anxiety to live in a messy room. The hardest part was to pick up the phone and call Isabelle for help. Within a few minutes of our conversation, I knew I had made the right decision to ask her for help. She was very sweet, listened to my problem without judging, and gave me a lot of reassurance. In our first session of re-arranging and decluttering, Isabelle found a solution for my bedroom that I had never thought about! She was very kind and gentle but yet fast and efficient. The room looks so much better with only one session. I can’t recommend her enough, so please, if you read my comment here, contact Isabelle, and she will transform your home and space. My husband is really happy and very proud of me too. That is an extra bonus point!

By Jiraphan, December 21, London N8

I have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle for all your decluttering jobs for as soon as I met her, I knew she was the right person for me. She offers practical, sensible guidance and encouragement and fully understands the emotional attachments people have with their possessions. My attic needed serious, urgent, attention and by the time we finished, she had transformed it into a fully functional, organised space. Brilliant! Thank you Isabelle!

By Linzi, Jan 15, North London

I booked Isabelle’s services after our move to London. Arriving from a large and modern house in an Asian country we had to settle in a tiny Victorian style house in London… and even after we had been living there for a few weeks, the house still didn’t feel like a home. We encountered several issues: some boxes were still waiting to be unpacked and random assortments of things I didn’t know where to put began piling up in several rooms, but the worst thing for me was the “coldness” of the house. When Isabelle arrived we began by finishing unpacking the remaining boxes. Isabelle immediately suggested clever storage solutions to me for the extra things that had started to clutter up our house. She also gave me some addresses for places that would take or recycle the things I wanted to give away. But most importantly for me was the advice about decorating she gave me. She instantaneously understood what I wanted in terms of ambiance (by finding the right colours and designs that would match our furniture), budget and feasibility (we rent our house) and suggested great ideas to help personalise and make our new home feel more inviting. We went shopping together to find a few decoration items which would light up our interior. She took me to great shops and our shopping tour was very productive. She also helped me to customize our chairs and dining table as I had postponed the purchase of a new dining set. Isabelle was an invaluable resource for us– not only in thinking things through and solving problems, but also in rolling her sleeves up and going through boxes, moving furniture around, and putting everything back together. Part organiser, part decorator, part tireless worker, Isabelle is really an amazing resource!

By Françoise, March 16, London SW1

Dear Isabelle, It has been a real pleasure spending time with you in my house. You have made the cleaning up process fun and enjoyable! I appreciate all the advice you have given me and I look forward to have an organized home forever Thank you!

By A., Jan 15, North London

We called Isabelle a few weeks after we moved back into a fully renovated house (and had a baby!). We had an empty house, with all of our belongings still packed into storage boxes that we had no time to unpack. I loved Isabelle’s profile on her website, and her experience with multiple moves across continents. Isabelle arrived and immediately set a plan of how we will tackle our mountain of boxes. Isabelle was incredibly efficient, paid a lot of attention to detail, was really thorough with every single item that needed to be categorised into keep/charity/dump and helped us with charity and dump drops also, all of which meant we got to get our house in order very quickly and most importantly, spend quality time with our brand new baby. Isabelle saved our sanity, and for that I will forever be grateful. We were sleep deprived and the last thing we wanted to do was unpack, what felt like, hundreds of boxes. I would highly recommend Isabelle to anyone that needs help with getting their house in order. Not only is she incredibly professional, but also very warm and easy to talk to, a wonderful person all around.

By Aneta, Oct 15, London NW4

I am, by nature, a very organized person. However, when my fiancé and I moved to a tiny 2 bedroom flat in London from a huge 3 bedroom home in Mozambique, I was overwhelmed with how to get started in creating a new “home” for us. I felt like I could not move on with any other aspects of my new life in London with our apartment in such disarray- it was constantly hanging over my head. I didn’t know where to begin in putting our stuff and furniture from our travels and life around the world in such a small space. That’s when I came across Isabelle’s website. From my impression of her website, it seemed that her style, way of working and taste was aligned with what I was looking for. The first time I met her and had our initial consultation, she was exactly the image I had in my mind of what she would be like and I knew she was the right person to help me through the process of creating our home. It was so easy (and enjoyable) working with Isabelle. She was very responsive, eager to include my opinions throughout the process, easy to be around, had great IDeas of how to make the most of our space, and has a good eye for decoration. She went out of her way multiple times to help me not only organize our flat but also style it with great decor. My boyfriend (who was a little skeptical of my need to have an organized flat) later commented to me that he never realized how much of a difference his home environment could make. We now love spending time in our flat, are happy to host visitors and both feel it was worth the time and money for Isabelle’s services. We cannot believe the difference she made!

By Jem, July 15, London N5

When I started working with Isabelle it was because after 20 years in our house it felt so run down and cluttered we wanted to move out and buy a new place to make a fresh start, even if this meant downsizing. We found a place we were interested in buying and had our offer on it accepted on condition we sold our house in the next two months. To this aim I rented a storage unit and asked Isabelle to help me move things and refresh the house to put it on the market. We worked solidly for two days from morning to night and by the end of this time the place was unrecognisable (and the storage unit was full with neatly labelled boxes so we can find everything when we want to) The house went on the market the following day and viewers started to pour in as the photos looked so amazing. To my surprise rather than pleasing me this began to make me feel sad and anxious and I realised that with Isabelle’s incredible talent and expertise we had transformed the house so much that I had fallen in love with it again and didn’t want to move out! We have now decided to stay here and continue working with Isabelle at regular intervals to slowly sort through the stuff in the storage unit. I am sure that with her help I will be able to cut this down to about a 5th of the stuff we have in there, and meantime enjoy rediscovering our “new” home!

By Sue, June 21, London N19

Thank you, Isabelle, so much for organising my kitchen and making it a place to enjoy whilst carrying out all my hard work – my clear worktops look amazing! You have been so helpful and motivating and made my decluttering surprisingly easy! Why I procrastinated over this I do not know – but now you have motivated me to tackle the rest of my house, with your help of course! I can see you solving so many more of my problems and you do it so simply too, what a gift! I would highly remommend you for solving space & storage problems.

By Jill, April 17, London NW6

Isabelle, thank you so much for your help last Tuesday – my husband was indeed very impressed!! He was astonished at how much stuff (aka junk in his mind) we were able to sort though in our bedroom and get rid of and he was delighted to be able to see the chair again as well!! A very productive day indeed! I wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own, as it was so overwhelming! Your critical and professional eye and ability to cut through the clutter really worked wonders (and may save my marriage as well)!! Mille merci!!

By Bonnie, Oct 15, Reigate

Isabelle is so gifted at being both firm but respectful at the same time. There were times where I really couldn’t imagine the job would ever be done and Isabelle gently pressed on, step by step, box by box, pile by pile, asking me questions and hearing me every step of the way. Then, at one point I looked around and, it was done! There was space more than I had ever remembered and each of our precious belongings and furnishings had a home where they could be fully appreciated rather than hidden behind piles of work papers or magazines. It really feels like a magical transformation and the clarity it offers ripples out to areas beyond our domestic life, I think of Isabelle as a “Fairy Cluttermother”.

By S., July 21, North London

I have had the pleasure of working with Isabelle for decluttering and organising our flat on two occasions now. Isabelle is a 1st class professional who immediately understood our storage problems, and then proposed immediately beneficial solutions, ones that I could never have noticed without her keen eye for detail. Isabelle is extremely unobtrusive, non judgemental, and is very understanding of the frustrations caused by a cluttered existence. She has a great sense of humour, and she made the whole process fun! As a result, our flat is now organised, a pleasure to come home to, I know where things are, and she has helped me to use space that I didn’t even know could be used. Even my two young children now take pride in tidying up their toys and belongings thanks to Isabelle reorganising their bedroom! I will definitely be calling on her expertise again when we move house. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

By Maddie, June 17, London NW11

After 5 years of leaving in our apartment and having a kid, clutter had accumulated everywhere, and sometimes it was difficult to locate things. I really felt that I needed to de-clutter our space, make it organized and at the same time nicer looking. I needed this for personal reasons, to feel better, locate things more efficiently and also to benefit from the newly created companies like airbnb and rent out the flat when we are away for long periods. I searched for a professional organizer as the project felt a bit overwhelming. I browsed and I finally came across Isabelle who sounded perfect as she has an excellent background having worked with many big companies, has great experience and I looked at her client portfolio and some of the spaces she had transformed and they looked de-cluttered with a nice touch of taste and style. She came for a consultation and we explained to her what we were trying to achieve and she understood the problem perfectly and from the beginning she provided very good ideas. From there, we decided to start the de-cluttering in various phases. We started with the kitchen, and bathrooms and after a couple of sessions it was such a major improvement. We rapidly progressed and also de-cluttered and organized our outdoor space, indoor storage, bedrooms, living-room and decorated a kid’s bedroom. Isabelle took all the stress away from us. She is such a great ideas person and has an amazing vision to look at something and see a solution straight away. She is also really practical and also took care of measuring all the spaces, buying and installing all the storage equipment using cost-effective stylish solutions which really matched our taste. Communication with her was great and she also provided professional sketches of different potential solutions to help you visualize which one to choose in the rooms where we were doing the biggest transformations. Isabelle is extremely professional, punctual and a real pleasure to work with. We are very happy with the result achieved and would love to work with Isabelle in the future.

By Mercedes, July 16, London W9

Today I had the pleasure of working with Isabelle. Our work together focused on a MAJOR re-organisation of my kitchen. It was a project that I’d wanted to tackle for ages but it always seemed to end up at the bottom of my ‘To do’ list. Isabelle quickly assessed the situation, made a plan and worked so efficiently that in a few hours I found myself with the most organised kitchen ever! Totally amazing! So, if you have a space/room/house/office that needs a magic touch to enable you to feel organised, then talk to Isabelle now. She is truly amazing!

By Jane, Jan 17, London W2

I’d like to give a shoutout to Isabelle. I had a de-cluttering/organisation session with her at my house yesterday. She was very efficient and knowledgeable and kept me focused on the task at hand. Thank you Isabelle, my space is really shaping up! Isabelle is fantastic! I loved that she not only kept me on task on the day, but she also sent an email afterwards with follow-up tips!

By Sherry, Sept 17, BR3

Isabelle is amazing!

By Anna-K, Oct 17, London SE1

We started a conversation with the lovely Isabelle four weeks ago, not realising how efficiently, aesthetically and patiently will her advice, thoughtfulness (design, price and products) and friendship turn this worn down room into our son’s cosy bedroom!

By Shilpi, May 21, London W9

Isabelle was fantastic at helping me (re)organise our home, especially our kitchen and pantry. She suggested simple and inexpensive, yet powerful changes to our cupboards. She helped me get rid of stuff I didn’t need, she found (and bought for me) additional boxes and other organisers that we determined I needed, and then she helped me put everything back in place in a way that is so much more intuitive! The whole process was enjoyable and streamlined, and I am very pleased with how my kitchen looks and feels now. As an additional benefit, I can now easily see what we’re running out of, so the process of replenishing groceries is now much faster. Isabelle also created bespoke labels for my shoes and handbags, using photos. Thank you for simplifying our lives!

By Zarja, April 17, London NW3

Isabelle has been a great help! I needed someone to help us declutter my mother-in-law’s house. I called Isabelle and said that I needed someone urgently as I only had 5 days to tackle this job! Isabelle made herself available immediately. After just 3 evenings the house looked completely different! We worked on one room each night. We decluttered the cupboards, we put unwanted items in boxes, and Isabelle gave us great storage ideas. Without her help we would have never gotten that far. As well as being super efficient, Isabelle is very friendly and we did have some fun doing this mission together! Actually we became friends by the end of it!! I would strongly recommend Isabelle to anyone who wants to transform their house and make it a home.

By Deborah, Aug 17, UB4

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to have had your help and quiet thoughtful way of getting everything functioning and working in our home. From our bathrooms, to our kitchen, my phenomenal walk in wardrobe and cupboards. Everywhere I go in the house it’s had your know how. It was such a daunting task but having you here made it bearable and happen. Thank you. Plus it looks fabulous! Thank you again Isabelle. I couldn’t have done it without you.

By Carri, Feb 20, London NW6

Thank you Isabelle. You’re such a superstar and my absolute saviour. The dressing room and cupboards look great.

By Caroline, June 20, London NW6

It’s my pleasure to work with you and thanks for easing this move under these unusual circumstances.

By Seda, June 2020, London W9

After months of my husband not finding the time to organize his new garden office, I finally decided to give him the gift of organization for his birthday. It is difficult to overcome that inertia on your own, when belongings from multiple locations (old office, garden shed, tool box) have come together to form the perfect storm in your office. Isabelle focused his attention and helped him start the process of eliminating and sorting, finding the right storage solution for a restricted space and finally sorting and storing all the remaining items in the storage unit. My husband was quite resistant to the idea at first, but at the end of the project, was very satisfied with the result, and now is the proud occupier of a neat and professional-looking home office – what we all need in the current environment!

By Seda, Dec 2020, London NW6

Isabelle and the home and organising service which she provides is exceptional. We moved into our newly renovated home and Isabelle was there with me all the way. She arranged a meeting in advance, discussed her fees and helped me visualise the space, took measurements and provided suggestions for storage. She was readily available for conversations via telephone and email and was supportive throughout the process. She also purchased most of the storage products to our specifications and prior to the move so that everything was ready to go. On our day of moving, Isabelle arrived on time and over two days help me set up, order and unpack our home in a calm, logical and precise way. Isabelle also has been excellent in arranging follow-up appointments.

By J., June 2020, London NW6

Isabelle is an invaluable pair of hands and is a pleasure to work with. She is calm, reliable, precise, kind and knowledgeable. Her work is excellent and well thought through with excellent storage solutions for any space including bedrooms, bathrooms, lofts and kitchens. The insides of all my cupboards look amazing and are super-functional. I would highly recommend Isabelle.

By C., July 2020, London NW8

I am typing this email from my new desk and comfy chair. Thank you so much for all the work you have done with us! I LOVE my wardrobe! And Paul LOVES how tidy the hallway is! My mood is so much better when things are tidier! It has been an incredibly disruptive & stressful year thus far, but you have massively helped us sort out this new chapter of our lives! Thank you so much again for all your help. We really couldn’t have come up with better solutions ourselves!

By Snehal, May 2020, London N1

Thank you so much for helping my active family of four move into our new space. We had almost no storage, and I do not have an interior designers eye, and you worked with us seamlessly to get efficient, clean and cost effective solutions in place. Unpacking would have lasted months because we are so time poor, and you gave us a structure to get it all done and organized things in a sane way. We are so grateful for all of your help.

By Joanne, April 19, London NW3

I wanted to shout out to Isabelle who helped me with the challenge of my tiny desk space I have in my flat, to declutter and reorganise it so it could be nice to work on and less messy to the view of my partner: In about just 3 hours, she help me to manage and throw away a good quarter of paper that I no longer needed and had kept for various and no longer good reasons, she helped me to identify that I didn’t need everything that I had on my desk on a daily basis and helped relocated in my flat in a smart way everything that was falling in that category, my desk is now much more comfortable to use and I find everything without freaking out of where the stuffs are. It was also like a mental cleansing experience, although when starting the process I was a bit freaked out to see on the floor all the clutter I had, Isabelle made me comfortable and reassured me there was no judgement at all in this process and I must say I felt really relaxed and refreshed after she left. So big thanks to Isabelle which I can only recommend 🙂

By Lucie, Jan 18, London W9

I’m really so grateful to you for all your help and time, THANK YOU. Meeting Isabelle literally changed my life! Not only was she a godsend when it came to co-ordinating my flat move, but her kindness and support throughout the whole process meant so much; she helped me organise the move, unpack and get settled, but also helped me get rid of lots of things which I no longer needed, some of which held sentimental value and weren’t easy to let go of. I will never move again without her on board!

By Lucinda, July 2020, London SW3

My first time using a professional to help around my new rented flat has been a success, living and being around my space is really enjoyable now that we have worked together and made it a practical living space, thank you Isabelle for being patient, kind and focused on the project.

By Solange, July 18, London NW2

When I bought my first flat, I was totally overwhelmed. I really could not decide what to put where and how to make the best out of the space, which was quite limited, slightly awkward & non-symmetrical. My ‘decorating’ budget was also quite small. However, Isabelle totally sorted me out. She made very practical suggestions for not only new furniture, my old stuff and how to best utilise my cupboard space. We even built a breakfast bar, which is something I would not have ever considered. She accompanied me on my first ever excursion to IKEA and took me directly the sections that were appropriate to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle. She helped me create a home, which is both in line with my individual taste and budget!

By Tessa, July 17, London NW6

I wanted to point out that Isabelle did an AMAZING job! She was very helpful, friendly and organized. She did make an effort to help us make the house look like our home, really appreciated it!

By Isabel, Sept 18, London SW6

Isabelle is without question the best professional organizer I have ever encountered. She has an eye for design and is an expert at creating a beautiful and functional home. She is the person to call if you hope to create a serene and intuitively organized environment. In a day and a half of working together, Isabelle managed the complex project of unpacking my oversees move and simultaneously organizing the entire lot from stacked boxes into a beautifully organized and unpacked new home. She is an absolute expert in all things IKEA and sourced the best pieces and accessories for me from the store and assembled and installed them at lightning speed. Moves can be incredibly stressful and draining but with Isabelle by my side managing things, the process was actually a pleasure. I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Isabelle and plan to work with her on a regular basis to maintain the gorgeous, organized home she has so expertly created for me.

By Sara, Oct 18, London W2

I wanted to share feedback that Isabelle from IDea For Your Space was totally outstanding. If you ever need to make a referral again for an organizer in London, I highly recommend her. Thank you again!

By Sara, Oct 20, London W2

Isabelle has once again given me precious help to improve the organisation of our house. She quickly understood our desires (a practical place for everything) and constraints (children’s toys/lack of furniture) and brought us new storage solutions to improve or complete the storage in the living room and bedrooms. Knowing very well the IKEA ranges, she proposed us solutions adapted to our needs and the dimensions of the rooms. She then accompanied me to IKEA to see the products on display. A very efficient visit that allowed us to discuss many details in a minimum of time.

By Amelie, Jan 19, London NW6

Isabelle came to my studio for a 1-2-1 meeting and before we got really started she was coming up with great ideas. I have been making jewellery from my studio for 15 years and never really renovated my studio, it was in a desperate state for an up grade. My budget was small and I didn’t want to loose my old trusted Work benches, but Isabelle worked amazing well around all the complication of my space. New cupboards went up and old shelves came down. The mess was stored away and the excess rubbish was thrown out. Not only does my working space feel fresh and new it has cleared my mind every time I go to work. Isabelle has fantastic storage ideas and a great eye for space and details. She’s also an absolutely gorgeous person inside and out and it was a pleasure to have been able to work with her.

By Sara, March 17, London WC1N

Isabelle is an incredible coach, she is very encouraging and willingly participates in the sorting and tidying. Thanks to her, it’s a new start for the whole family and tidying up has almost become a pleasure. A huge thank you Isabelle for your precious help!

By Margaux, Feb 16, London SW11

Isabelle came to our place to do an audit of our ‘home disorganisation’… The flat we live in is certainly large, but it takes a bit of imagination to comfortably fit a family of 5 into a 2 bedroom flat! With Isabelle, we inspected every room, every cupboard, every corner of the flat. Our friendly, informal chat helped me realise what I needed, what I wanted and how I could put it together faster than I imagined. A home is very emotional. It’s really great to have someone with a fresh, professional eye, full of good, clever ideas giving you the motivation to finally do the storage you’ve needed for so long!