“A place for everything, everything in its place.”

– Benjamin Franklin

What is storage optimisation and why do it?

Organising and storing often go hand in hand. When it comes to storing your belongings, it is all about ease of use, practicality – and style! Sometimes, some places lack storage space. Sometimes the storage space is neither practical nor efficient. Also, optimising your living space simply entails rethinking the set-up, and re-organising / re-arranging your belongings, rather than adding further storage room.

Storage optimisation: when and where?

If any of the following options apply:

  • you do not have enough space for your belongings
  • you are looking to optimise the space in your home
  • you want your storage solutions to be both more functional and stylish

I am here to help.

Your storage problems may be limited to one single room, or to one specific category (e.g. your craft supplies, your paperwork, etc.). It may even concern your whole space. There is no small or big project; my goal is to help you to solve your storage problems, whatever they may be. 

What is the process?

In a typical storage optimisation project, I will:

  • review your current storage options, analyse any inefficiencies, and suggest alternative solutions
  • take necessary measurements before researching solutions (online or in-store) to suit your needs, taste, and budget
  • assist you with every step of the buying process, in-store or online, from filling your basket to arranging the delivery
  • help you through each and every stage of the assembling and set-up of any new storage solution

I am truly passionate about conceiving crafty storage solutions. My IKEA experience has provided me with a strong expertise in ingenious, efficient, and practical storage systems. I have the skill to visualise objectively where storage can be re-arranged, added, and optimised. Also, my expertise and creativity help me to come up with clever and tailored solutions. Do not be surprised if I suggest you use a fruit basket in a nursery room, or kitchen cabinets in the hallway!

If you think a storage makeover would make your life easier, if you have more questions… 
I would be delighted to hear from you!

Tessa’s story (home-storing project)

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Tessa contacted me as she felt completely overwhelmed following her move. This was her first flat purchase. The apartment was newly-built, but except for the kitchen, it had no storage to speak of. What Tessa had initially thought to be an exciting adventure turned into a nightmare. She had no idea where to put her belongings! The flat she had dreamed of turned out to be a living space filled with boxes and basic storage solutions. It lacked both style and personal touch. 

The first time we met, Tessa told me how unhappy she was in her brand-new apartment. On top of that, she was under pressure: her mum was coming soon from South Africa to visit her and see her daughter’s new home. 

The flat is a one-bedroom apartment with a huge open space that serves as a kitchen + dining space + lounge area. Tessa explained she did not want to spend a fortune on this furnishing/storing project, as she had already spent quite an amount of money on the flat itself. 

Together, we did a tour of the flat. For each space, I asked her what her ideal plan was and how she wanted to use the area. I took all the measurements and shared the ideas I already had in mind for each specific area. Tessa immediately felt relieved: at last she could see the light at the end of the tunnel!

For many of the spaces, IKEA seemed like the best option for her. I sent her several ideas and suggested we meet in IKEA. Once there, I guided her through the store’s many short cuts. This saved Tessa some precious time as we went straight to the store-areas that were useful to her. When the decisions were made on what to buy, I filled up her online basket and saved it for her. Throughout the whole process, the only steps Tessa took on her own was to choose the delivery date and to pay for the items. 

With the help of two handymen, we built everything on site and managed to metamorphose Tessa’s stressful home environment into a relaxing space. And with that, her life too went from stressful to peaceful!

“When I bought my first flat, I was totally overwhelmed. I really could not decide what to put where and how to make the best out of the space, which was quite limited, slightly awkward & non-symmetrical. My ‘decorating’ budget was also quite small. However, Isabelle totally sorted me out. She made very practical suggestions for not only new furniture, my old stuff and how to best utilise my cupboard space. We even built a breakfast bar, which is something I would not have ever considered. She accompanied me on my first ever excursion to IKEA and took me directly to the sections that were appropriate to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle. She helped me create a home, which is both in line with my individual taste and budget!” 

Sara’s story (office-storing project)

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Since she started creating beautiful jewellery, Sara never took the time to think about the look or the design of her studio. She furnished her working space with furniture that had been given away by friends and family. But with time, she realised she needed a more functional space, with adequate storage that would allow to sort all the administrative papers she had in her office. A space more enjoyable to work in and where she could better showcase her creations for vising clients. 

When we met in her studio, Sara told me what was working, what was not, what furniture or working accessories she wanted to keep or not, what vision she had about her workspace transformation, her budget, etc. 

I sent her some photos and a plan with my suggested pieces of furniture. They were all from the IKEA Kitchen Department. I chose this option for her as they offered the best compromise for storage, space to work on, style and budget! 

Then, Sara went to IKEA to evaluate the various design options. Once we had agreed both the preferred design and layout, I filled the online basket with all 61 items to be ordered for her studio’s project. Once everything was neatly set up, her studio was completely metamorphosed.

“Isabelle did a fantastic job styling my jewellery workspace. I’d been in the studio for over 15years, the place was a mess and not very functional. Isabelle had the vision, took down old rubbish shelves and cleared out old boxes. Created storage with new worktops and cupboard, leaving the walls empty for pictures and mirrors, creating a much larger environment. My studio now has two working sides: my workbench for the making of the jewellery and an office side for meetings and paperwork. Overall it now looks professional and works more efficiently. I highly recommend Isabelle to transform an office. Helping the space be more efficient, saving you time and money. And above all a space you enjoy working in.”