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How a Professional Organiser can help busy mums and dads?

By admin on Friday, November 21st, 2014 in Uncategorized. No Comments

I’m a professional organiser.

You may have never heard of this type of business because it is relatively new. This business cropped up in the US in the 80’s with the creation of the National Association for Professional Organizers in 1985. In the UK, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO-uk – //www.apdo-uk.co.uk/ – whom I am a member) was set up in November 2004.

As a professional organiser, my aim is to help individuals and families become better organised and make better use of the space they have in their homes.

Most of the time, becoming more organised starts by dealing with the clutter: decluttering sessions are often necessary before starting to organise an area. “Clutter affects people’s health and life. When a home is filled with stuff, the ability to relax and wind down from the day is inhibited.Families who constantly struggle with clutter are more likely to be stressed, sick and irritable” says Helena Alkha.

Being better organised is the goal of most of busy parents; I’ve experienced it as I am a mum of three myself. When I work with mums and dads, the biggest challenges they regularly have to face are (maybe some of them are yours as well?): 

  • Sorting out the kids’ clothes: it’s a never-ending process as they grow up so quickly! It’s crucial to find an organisation system which works: how to efficiently rotate the clothes among siblings of different ages? How to keep their wardrobe up to date and tidy?
  • Keeping the kids’ room and/or the playroom tidy: Christmas is coming soon and the kids’ room is already full to burst with books, dolls, toys, board games… you know they even don’t play with some of them, others are broken and/or pieces are missing or are mixed up.
  • Staying up to date with the laundry: I know some mums who are constantly scared of hearing: “mum I don’t have any clean shirts or underwear anymore!” How to avoid piles of dirty or clean clothes? How to avoid having dirty clothes spread all over the bedroom or bathroom floor?
  • Knowing what to get for the upcoming dinner: planning meals in advance has several advantages: you buy only what you really need (you don’t spend extra money on things you don’t need), you avoid buying anything that is just going to rot in your fridge, your grocery shopping trips are quicker and are less frequent and last but not least it lowers your everyday stress as you know you have something planned for dinner!

A professional organiser can help you with challenges similar to the above and/or with all types of organisational projects such as:

– Decluttering and organising home spaces: kitchen, playroom, wardrobe, entryway, garage, office… 

– Accompanying life changes: moving home, being ready to welcome a baby at home, selling your house…

– Time management: meal planning, family organisation…

Personally, I’m really passionate in doing this job as it really is very fulfilling and so rewarding. I work directly hand to hand with my clients, no two days are ever the same and there are so many challenges!

I really love my job!

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