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The Magic of ‘Containerising’

By admin on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 in Uncategorized. No Comments

Can you spot the difference between these pictures?

I’ve got three teenagers (boy and girls) who master the “Floordrobe” way of tiding their clothes but they are also specialised in covering the space around the sink with their own toiletries…

This picture of horror had driven me crazy on more than one morning. One day I decided to take action by changing their way of tiding their toiletries.

I found these 3 baskets at our local Poundstretcher (£1 each). Now each of my teenagers has his/her OWN basket to put their stuff in.

The new rule established by the supreme commander of the house (myself) is simple: any item found outside the baskets directly goes in the bin…

It’s though for the kids to have a mum who is a Professional Organiser…

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