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Furnishing & Styling: Grey & Blue tones flat

By Isabelle Lamy on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 in Portfolio. No Comments

After transforming a house into four flats, the builder called on my services for the final touch: furnishing and decorating the flats before they were put up for rent. 

The brief was clear: the flats had to be functional and pleasant to live in, but the budget for each was limited and everything had to be ready in one month. 

When I visited the four flats that were still under construction, I wanted to create 4 totally different atmospheres. I couldn’t see myself making four similar flats, without soul. I thought about the social aspect of living in the same house and I didn’t want the inhabitants of different flats to go to each other’s apartments thinking that they were still at home if the decoration had been exactly the same. 

Inspired by the sky visible through the Velux windows, touches of blue in the decor were a natural choice.

Top floor flat: Dark grey & blue tones

With the blue sky visible through the Velux windows, the colour blue was a natural choice. I started with the dark grey already used in the flat by the builder (walls and kitchen) which I enhanced with steel and teal blues to match the blue sky.  

As space is limited, I chose to use benches as seats for the table and a glass coffee table because the transparency of glass makes it less imposing.

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