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Pre-Move organisation

By Isabelle Lamy on Thursday, January 20th, 2022 in Portfolio. No Comments

Many aspects of our lives can benefit from solid, well thought-out organisation & the ultimate benefit is always the same: SIMPLIFYING our lives!

The same goes for moving house. 

Sorting your stuff (what’s the point of moving what you no longer use or like?), categorising it, grouping it together and clearly labelling, indicating the destination room in the future house, is a massive stress & time saver on moving day.

Moving is always super stressful so all those little things you take the time to do beforehand will really make a huge difference on the day.

These steps of preparation are essential, like knowing where to position the furniture, identifying the furniture that will be moved, those that will not be moved for whatever reason (damaged, no space, desire to change style, no longer useful…). It is then necessary to foresee an exit plan for what will not be moved. 

Similarly, will it be necessary to have new furniture and in particular storage furniture… The best thing is to plan everything in advance, because on the day of the move, all you want to do is get rid of the boxes as quickly as possible and take possession of your new home sweet home. So it’s best to have anticipated the furniture to be able to unpack the boxes. 

In my adult life I have lived in four different countries and between 1994 and 2014 we moved 12 times, so I was able to experience myself what moving meant with all the stress that goes with it. 

I can assist you with the whole moving process but I insist on the fact that the preparation beforehand is essential to live a more serene move. The move doesn’t start the day the movers arrive but well before…

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