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Shed storage optimisation

By Isabelle Lamy on Monday, January 24th, 2022 in Portfolio. No Comments

From no storage at all to a nearly made to mesure shelving unit

When my clients moved to this new house (London NW8), I had to source many storage solutions for the master bedroom, the TV room, the pantry room, this shed… As they were downsizing, storage optimisation was crucial. On the other hand as they rent the property they didn’t want to spend a fortune on the storage solutions. The equation was simple to solve, ‘efficient storage + on budget = an IKEA solution’. I chose to use a corner unit from the IVAR series which is not only perfect for any loft, garage, shed… but also super easy to put together. Completed with some clearly labelled transparent boxes, the shed now houses a massive amount of stuff and anything is super accessible.

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